Elementary Curriculum  

DJUSD is committed to adopting, developing, and delivering high quality curriculum in all subject areas that support each of our students’ unique needs. Working collaboratively, we develop and implement curriculum that raises the achievement of all students, narrows the gap between the highest and lowest performing students, and differentiates for learners of varying gifts and abilities. DJUSD strives to educate the whole child through a balanced instructional approach that meets social-emotional needs of individual students with appropriate challenge and rigor. The expertise, insight, and creativity of our teachers are essential to the development and delivery of curriculum that meets these diverse needs. DJUSD teachers, administrators, and Instructional Services department share an interest in ensuring that curriculum and instruction are developed in a collaborative manner to continually improve and support student growth and learning.

English Language Arts
Davis Joint Unified School District adopted Benchmark Advance in the fall of 2017.

Benchmark Adelante was also adopted in the fall of 2017 for Spanish Immersion and Two Way Bilingual Immersion.

Davis Joint Unified School District adopted EnVision Math in 2015 for core curriculum in math instruction.

Teachers also collaborate with Elementary Math coaches to enhance and enrich the curriculum with math tasks and number talks.

Parent Informational Guide 
Social Emotional Learning
Elementary counselors share the Kelso’s choice curriculum with students in grades TK-3. As students move into intermediate grades, the team designs and delivers more age-appropriate social-emotional, peer relationship, and anti-bullying curriculum.

Parent Resource: Kelso's Parent Page

Second Step is a classroom curriculum that combines discussions with fun activities and family resources. The program helps children learn social-emotional skills such as responsible decision-making, working together to solve problems, managing strong emotions, and getting along with others. These skills can help children succeed academically and socially.

Information for Families

SEL Resources for Families

Sobrato Early Academic Language Model (SEAL)
The Sobrato Early Academic Language Model is designed as a comprehensive model of intensive, enriched language and literacy education designed for English language learners, starting in preschool and continuing through third grade. It was designed by Dr. Laurie Olsen, a national expert in English language learner education. A national advisory group provided initial input, and continues to advise the project as the model evolves.

The Model, which is currently being used at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School, is anchored by six research-based foundational components that infuse all aspects of teaching and learning throughout the school day:

1. Alignment of preschool and the K-3 systems around a shared vision of powerful language development as the foundation for academic success – with support for transitions across systems and levels (including Summer Bridge programs).

2. Simultaneous academic language and literacy (including bilingual options)

3. Language-rich environments and instruction with an emphasis on expressive and complex oral language development and enriched vocabulary.

4. Text-rich curriculum and environments that engage children with books and the printed word, and lead to the appreciation and love of reading and writing.

5. Language development through academic thematic units based upon science and social studies standards.

6. An affirming learning environment that brings together teachers and parents to support strong language and literacy development at home and at school.

The Model provides intensive professional development to preschool and elementary school teachers through workshop sessions, coaching, and collaborative reflection and planning. It also provides hands-on science workshops and field trips to build background knowledge related to the standards-based thematic units, sponsors artist residencies in the classrooms, and purchases high quality bilingual books and materials for the classrooms. Additionally, the Model supports parents in developing language and literacy of their children at home and in the classroom.

Health and Family Life

Davis Joint Unified School District is committed to the health and wellness of our students. Health instruction at the elementary level includes instruction during 5th and 6th grade that includes:  healthy relationships and understanding of systems within the body, and developmentally appropriate material covered within the California Healthy Youth Act.  Our instruction and uses FLASH Curriculum and Puberty Talks to support instruction. 

History-Social Science
Davis Joint Unified School District has adopted Teacher's Curriculum Institute (TCI) for History-Social Science