Fiscal Resources Announcements & Memos

Fiscal Services Shared Google folder with resources for site leaders and administrative assistants.

Fiscal Services: Electronic Forms

We are now transitioning many of our paper-intensive processes to be completed electronically through the Informed K12 platform. Below is a list of the forms that have successfully completed that transition. If you have any questions or issues with the forms listed below, please contact Fiscal Services for support.

Previous Workshop Zoom Recordings

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Zoom Workshop on YouTube Director of Fiscal Services, Mallory Arevalos, hosted a QSS Budget Workshop for all site /department leaders and administrative assistants about the following topics: Fiscal Services Reorg and Restructuring to Implement NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE model for all school sites; Appropriate attachments for purchase requisitions and the WHY behind it; Frontline & Payroll reminders, all timecards must be APPROVED by employee AND site to be paid; Monthly site budget to actuals reports sent for actuals through 9/30, what are the questions to ask and reports to run?; First Interim Budget Meetings scheduled for 10/18/21 - 11/17/21; Continued encouragement for all sites and departments to implement our NEW Amazon Business account setup and assign DJUSD Amazon logins for your staff and receive electronic staff cart approvals. 

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, Director of Fiscal Services, Mallory Arevalos hosted a training for all department and site administrative assistants with procedures and best practices for submitting a ESSA form for PD payment. 

On Wednesday, February 10th, 2021: Zoom Workshop on YouTube
This Workshop was all about our the launch of our pilot program with Amazon Business. Beginning February 9th staff from our pilot schools, DSHS, DVCA, HOLMES & WILLETT launched their Amazon accounts. Please watch this video to hear our vision for this program and learn the WHY we're making this transition to Amazon Business for all sites and departments at DJUSD over the next several months. Our Amazon expert, Michael, delivers step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the new platform from a staff perspective, and an administrative assistant/ administrative role.  Please watch the full training to start brain-storming how this can save your site/dept so much time!

On Wednesday, January 13th, 2021: Zoom Workshop on YouTube
This QSS Budget Workshop covers the following topics: Update on COVID resources, First Interim Budgets and review of the Budget/Actuals reports you received with actuals as of 12/31/20. We also reviewed the coding rules surrounding independent contractors and lessons learned from 1099 reporting at year end. Director of Fiscal Services, Mallory Arevalos, shared the plan for implementing Amazon Business online account streamlining ordering and approving of orders at the site level, and increasing efficiency in processing monthly Amazon statements. Lastly we covered in a separate video, 20-21 Instructional Minutes, guidelines and next steps for compliance reporting presented by Accounting Technician, Loren Testa.

On Wednesday, December 9th, 2020Zoom Workshop on YouTube
This QSS Budget Workshop began with payroll reminders and updates for the upcoming months. We discussed the rules around ESSAs and VSAs, and which to use which form. Went over the Budget Transfer (BT) form process, and when, why, who, and how to complete the BT form for your site or department. Please advance to minute 25 in the recorded video to learn about BTs. Fiscal Services also reviewed purchase requisitions and the most common error seen of not properly splitting account codes by the specific items. This presentation begins at minute 40. Lastly, Fiscal Services discussed the importance of sites and departments knowing their PO balances before approving invoices to pay. Too often Nancy is stalled during A/P processing because there isn't enough balance on POs to pay the invoices that were submitted by the dept/sites. To learn how to you can manage your PO balances on a regular basis, and know when it's appropriate to submit a PO increase/decrease form before processing invoice for payment. Please advance to minute 47 of the training. Thanks for watching!