School Attendance 

Showing Up Together

attendance logoWe believe that regular attendance is critical to student engagement, wellbeing and academic progress. We are here to partner with you. It is our intent to provide communication, guidance, customer service, support, coordinated community services and intervention to help all students attend school in accordance with the state’s compulsory education law and to ensure that all students are able to take full advantage of opportunities available to them within the school environment.

Review our Family Attendance Handbook

How do you report an absence? Notify your school site front office within 48 hours of an absence and provide the dates and reason that apply. Upon returning to school, make sure you provide documentation that is signed by a parent/guardian and/or medical professional.
How does student attendance impact our school funding? Student attendance is directly tied to our District funding. Each 1% drop in attendance means a loss of $1 million dollars to the district budget. Funding calculations for attendance are based on how often students attend school. Therefore, even if a student is excused for an absence, if they are missing school, it reduces the attendance calculation for the site and impacts the funding we receive for important educational programs and interventions for our students.

What if we have to go out of town or I know my student will be absent from school?
Short-term independent study is available for students who know in advance that they will be absent from school. It enables the student to stay current with coursework provided by their classroom teachers. Short term independent study is limited to a maximum of 15 school days in one school year and must be approved in advance. To sign up for short-term independent study for elementary school students, or if your student attends Da Vinci Charter Academy, please contact your school site front office. For junior high and high school students (not attending Da Vinci Charter Academy), please see Short Term Independent Study on the Davis School for Independent Study website or contact your school site office.

Helpful Attendance Information


State of California Education Code (Attendance)
View the California Education Code as it relates to Attendance. 
Student Protests and Disturbances/Expressions of Free Speech on Campus

Knowing there are widely held and differing opinions in our Davis community around controversial topics, DJUSD recognizes the rights of students to express their views in exercise of their First Amendment rights.  In the case of on-campus student protests or expressions of free speech on campus, expectations for student behavior will be maintained in order to ensure safety. We also encourage families to discuss with students their views about controversial events.

Generally, normal instruction will continue during any voluntary, organized activity on campus, and students who choose to participate in planned, on-campus activities are expected to return to class following such events.

According to Education Code 48205, in order for a student to participate in a civic event and have this absence from school excused, the student must provide the school with advance notice.

Students who leave class to participate in off-campus civic or political events without prior notice will be considered “unexcused.” An initial unexcused absence will result in a phone call notification of the absence to the parent/guardian.

Students who participate in a campus disturbance shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Board Policy and Administrative Regulations (See Board Policy 5131.4 and Administrative Regulation 5131.4).