Smoky Air, School Remains Open- Current Air Quality Guidance
Posted on 08/30/2023
The Northern California region is currently experiencing multiple fires, and the smoke is now impacting the Davis area and creating unhealthy air quality conditions.

DJUSD uses to determine current air quality conditions. As of this morning, the air quality is currently at 160, which is considered “unhealthy.” As such, students will remain indoors for recess this morning, and DJUSD leaders will make real-time decisions based on the conditions on campus, whether it be bringing recess and/or lunch indoors, canceling practice or ending a competition early.

It is safe to conduct outdoor activities when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is under 150, including outdoor lunch and recess. If the AQI is between 100-150, sensitive groups should avoid vigorous physical activity outdoors. We also understand that conditions at an individual school may be worse than the AQI for Davis indicates. Individual principals may restrict outdoor access, in consultation with their Director, should the AQI be below 150, but conditions are worsening.

While conditions may change over the course of the day, we expect schools will remain open today. We will continue to monitor the air quality throughout the day and provide guidance as needed.

If you have specific questions regarding what is happening at your student’s school site, please call the school office.