Violence in Our Communities
Posted on 01/25/2023
we all belong posterDear DJUSD and Davis Communities:

On behalf of the entire District, our hearts go out to our entire Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latino and agricultural worker communities and to everyone directly impacted by the senseless acts of violence in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay over the past several days.

Acts of violence are difficult to comprehend, and their impacts can reach much farther than where the act took place. Our community stands together with the AAPI community, agricultural workers and all who have suffered from these events, and against all acts of violence. We encourage you to take extra care of yourselves this week and to check in with your families, friends and other loved ones to see how they are doing in the aftermath of these tragic events.

We will continue to do all we can in our capacity as educators to nurture the growth of kind, caring and resilient young people, and to partner with you, their families, in preparing them to envision, build and support a world that welcomes and works for all of us, and is free of harm.

There are community supports and other mental health resources available to assist you and your families should you need them during these difficult times.

Matt Best, Superintendent

Other Support Resources:
Yolo County Support Line: Yolo County’s mental health crisis line at 1-888-965-6647 is available toll-free 24/7.
Talking to Children About Violence (NASP)
Addressing Grief (NASP)
Helping Youth after Community Trauma (NCTSN)
Parent Tips for School-age Children / Español (NCTSN)
Parent Tips for Helping Adolescents After Disasters / Español (NCTSN)