Immersion Programs 



To develop fluency and literacy in Spanish and English.

Academic Excellence
To achieve academic excellence in all subject courses in accordance with state and DJUSD guidelines.

Intellectual Flexibility
To increase students' cognitive ability in all subjects by providing fluency in two languages.

Global Awareness
To cultivate understanding and appreciation for diverse languages and cultures and strengthen positive attitudes among students, friends, family and the community.

Spanish Immersion at César Chávez Elementary

The Spanish Immersion Program (SI) at César Chávez Elementary is an elective program open to students of different backgrounds and abilities throughout the district that serves both Spanish and English learners. In the early grades lessons are delivered primarily in Spanish. English is gradually introduced and increases as students progress through the grades.

Two-Way Bilingual Immersion at Montgomery

Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School  is excited to offer our Two Way Bilingual Immersion Program (TWBI)TWBI offers a fantastic opportunity to students in Davis. The program provides students with a complete academic program grounded in an educational environment that supports community action and celebrates cultural diversity. Students become orally fluent and academically proficient in Spanish and English. They acquire key language skills naturally and early in life, which enriches their cognitive ability in all subjects. Literacy in two languages broadens their academic, occupational and economic opportunities.

We encourage you to chat with our TWBI families and staff. Please contact Jazmin Rojo at [email protected] or call 530 759-2100.


California Education for a Global Economy (CA Ed.G.E.) Initiative
The CA Ed.G.E. initiative allows school districts and county offices of education to establish language acquisition programs that equip students with world language skills that prepare them to excel in a global economy, engage and appreciate diverse cultures , heritages and languages representative of California's rich diversity. 

Parents have the opportunity to request a multilingual program in accordance with this initiative.  Please see these guideline from the CA Department of Education regarding the request to establish new language programs. Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.  

To request a new language acquisition program, please fill out this form. 
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Maria Luquin
Director of Multilingual Education and Categorical Programs 

Marlen Cabrera
Administrative Assistant 

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