Preschool Services

Here at DJUSD, our preschool programs  are committed to providing a quality, developmentally appropriate learning experience for each child. Our staff is highly qualified and bring years of experience to the classroom. Each day will be filled with fun and exciting opportunities to help your child grow.

Our Philosophy

Children learn best through hands-on activities and experiences. It is important that children be allowed to explore their environment. Learning is not just following what others do; it is successfully doing it yourself. This requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn first hand about the world we live in. For children to learn, the activity must have meaning for the child. Young children learn best in a child-initiated and child-centered environment. Within this classroom we will incorporate the developmental appropriate principles and practices that support these philosophies and were established by the Department of Education, Child Development Division (Title 5).

Preschool Director 
Tereadel Sosa-Borges
Preschool Address
3100 Loyola Drive. Davis, CA 95618 
Preschool Phone
(530) 759-2127