Virtual Community Outreach

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To share information about solar improvements at our District sites, pre-recorded presentations will be posted below.

Community feedback about solar implementation outreach and projects should be emailed to [email protected]. Public comment period ends on Wednesday, May 31 at 5:00 p.m.

Why is my school site not receiving solar installation?
  1. Fairfield Elementary - Electrical demand due to the small size of the facility does not make solar implementation feasible via a Power Purchase arrangement. We will be researching the installation of a small system with a focus on demonstration and education.

  2. Davis School for Independent Study and District Office: The District Office and DSIS campus do not lend themselves well to the installation of a large solar facility. This is due to the small parking lot size, abundance of mature trees in City right of way, and the cost of upgrading the roof structure on the existing buildings.

  3. Martin Luther King High: The Martin Luther King school site is too small and surrounded by many matures trees to accommodate solar arrays.

  4. Da Vinci High School: Due to the lack of available space to locate solar arrays, the system will be part of the Tech Hub project and funded through the Bond Program.  

Phased Solar Implementation at DJUSD

More than 8 sites cannot be constructed concurrently due to construction capacity. Therefore, DJUSD is planning to implement solar array construction in phases.

  • Phase One of the solar initiative will consist of school sites that can start and finish construction during summer 2023.
  • These planned sites include Emerson/DVJH, Harper, Holmes, Korematsu, Pioneer and the Operations Center.

Follow up for future phases will be provided at a later date.

Solar Virtual Community Outreach Presentations by School Site