Bond Projects


General Information 

How were project costs determined?
DJUSD is committed to ensuring that taxpayer dollars are well spent. The budget for each project has been determined in the Facility Master Plan and estimated in “2018 dollars.” Should economic conditions allow a project to be built at a lower cost, that money will be returned to the Bond Program. Specific FMP project budgets can been found by viewing the FMP
How are architects selected?
DJUSD follows a selection process prescribed by state law. The first step in this process is to select architects based on qualifications including demonstrated competence and experience with similar projects. The second step in the process is to negotiate an appropriate and reasonable fee for those services.
How are contractors selected?
DJUSD is subject to the California Public Contract code in the selection of contractors and award of construction contracts. The two construction delivery methods used in DJUSD are “design-bid-build” and Lease-Leaseback. Both of these delivery methods are authorized by the Public Contract Code.
What safeguards does DJUSD have in place to ensure that the bond program is run efficiently and ethically?
Oversight of the DJUSD bond program is multi-layered to ensure many checks and balances. In addition, DJUSD has taken many steps to ensure the public is fully informed regarding the status of all projects. These include a Citizen Bond Oversight Committee, Board Facilities Subcommittee, Bond Program website, Board of Education updates, Site Leaders and Staff, Facilities Project Teams, and a Construction Management Companies.

What are the parts of the Project Process and do I have space and time to give feedback?
DJUSD has created a rather extensive Public Outreach process and you can find details about ways you can learn about Bond Program projects and when and how to provide feedback at Bond Public Outreach.
How will our Davis neighbors know if they don’t have children in schools?
DJUSD will be providing updates to the Bond Program website and sharing community outreach event dates on our social media and with our local media. In addition, community members can sign up to receive the DJUSD Bond Program e-newsletter that will showcase activities and information surrounding the renovation and construction across DJUSD. The e-newsletter, called Building Our Future, will be distributed monthly beginning in December 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter!
I provided feedback, how do I know if my feedback has been captured and considered?
DJUSD appreciates all the questions and feedback that we receive from Bond Program comment cards, community events, emails and more. We try to acknowledge all email input. Our Facility Department compiles your feedback to inform our Bond Program planning and decision making. Specific questions and themes are addressed on our MPR Frequently Asked Questions and in our General Projects
Will construction occur during the school year and will that impact the learning environment?
Administrators, in conjunction with Bond Program Team, will look at the best ways to phase construction to ensure student learning is not disrupted during the construction phase. While construction will occur during the school day, we will do our best to limit the impact by utilizing, summer, weekends and after school hours as possible. In some rare cases, students may be relocated to other parts of campus during the construction work.
How will students and staff be kept safe?
In all cases, the District will ensure that student safety and security is maintained and that the academic programs aren't compromised, with particular attention to testing schedules. There will be physical barriers between students, staff, and any areas where construction is occurring, both indoors and on the site.



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