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Throughout the 2022-23 school year, DJUSD engaged in a comprehensive equity-driven strategic planning process in partnership with our community. The DJUSD 2023-2028 Strategic Plan acts as a roadmap for our school district and is designed to align our organization’s actions to advance our Goals for Student Success and DJUSD's long tradition of excellence, inclusion and belonging.

Our Mission

To ignite a love of learning and equip each student with the knowledge, skills, character and well-being to thrive and contribute to an evolving and increasingly-connected world.

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Recognizing and Uplifting Diversity

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It is not enough to just prepare our students for life after graduation, but we, as an educational institution, must also ensure that we are ready for each one of our students when they join our school community. We know each student arrives with their own unique background, skills, strengths and perspectives and our responsibility is to recognize, honor and uplift this diversity.

Consistent with our District’s equity policy, we are committed to creating conditions for all students to thrive, especially for those students and families further from opportunity. As such, our Strategic Plan is aptly deeply steeped in this commitment.

Equity Policy
“The Governing Board believes that the diversity that exists among the district’s community of students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members is integral to the District’s vision, mission and goals. Addressing the needs of the most marginalized learners requires recognition of the inherent value of diversity and acknowledgement that educational excellence requires a commitment to equity in the opportunities provided to students and the resulting outcomes… (Board Policy 0415: Equity)

The Strategic Plan


Our Goals for Student Success


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strategic plan logo quadrantGoal #1
- Well-being and Belonging. Every student will experience a positive and inclusive school community, characterized by a climate of belonging that nurtures agency and social-emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Goal #2 - Equitable Access and Opportunity. Every student will have equitable access to inclusive, proactive, and flexible systems of support, experiences, and resources necessary to close opportunity gaps and attain academic and personal milestones.

Goal #3 - Engagement and Continuous Academic Growth. Every student will identify educational goals, acquire the foundational skills, and demonstrate continuous growth toward realizing their academic potential.

Goal #4 - Confident Graduates, Prepared for Life. Every graduate will transition confidently to post-secondary life, prepared by diverse learning experiences and their acquisition of the competencies in DJUSD's Graduate Profile.

The Pillars of Our Strategic Plan

We are aspiring to be the school district where every student's unique learning needs are met, where our unique community’s strengths are integrated into our understanding and educational experiences, where we build and foster a cohesive team of dedicated professionals who together empower student success, and where a relentless pursuit of improvement ensures ongoing growth. The plan is organized around four high-level strategies called Pillars that are the building blocks for action and decision making and provide the frame for organizing our work. Each pillar contains eight to ten associated Key Actions, which are targeted solutions, structures, processes, or practices that will advance our strategic work to accomplish our Goals for Student Success.

Our ProgressSuperintendent Best with students

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, DJUSD engaged in a comprehensive equity-driven Strategic Planning process in partnership with our community. In June 2023, the Board adopted the plan to serve as a roadmap for our school district to advance DJUSD's four Goals for Student Success and the values of excellence, inclusion and belonging. Leaders have individually advanced two broad themes of actions, Culture of Care and Universal Design for Learningto lay the foundation for the work in the years ahead. These two themes encompass actions across all pillars and are rooted in an equity mindset. Recently, staff provided an update to the Board with a progress report for Year 1 and shared key actions for Year 2. 

Our Year One Priorities set the tone and began to build systems that we will continue to utilize throughout the life of our strategic plan and beyond. Year 2 Key Actions and Targets

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With this Strategic Plan we are committed to continued action to reach our DJUSD Goals for Student Success and to ensure our students thrive and contribute to an evolving and interconnected world.

We can't do this alone! We must work together to elevate our students to achieve academic success, develop social-emotional resiliency, and embrace the joy of a positive and fulfilling school experience. Every member of our Davis Joint Unified community has a part to play in this effort, and we urge you to join us and commit to celebrating and supporting the work of this plan. Together, we will take our students to where they need to be, and we call on you to show up, step up, speak up on behalf of our students and in support of one another.

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