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During the 2022-2023 school year, the Davis Joint Unified School District will engage in a comprehensive equity-driven Strategic Planning process. The strategic plan acts as a roadmap for our school District. Its primary aim is to align all of our communities of interest on a shared vision, common goals, and unified direction for our District’s educational efforts. Community-wide involvement is vital to the Strategic Planning process; therefore, we are designing the process in ways that will embrace the diverse voices of our District’s communities of interest.


About the Process


The first phase in developing the new strategic plan is the Planning Phase which covers the period from September 2022 to June 2023 and focuses on community-wide engagement. The primary goal of the Planning Phase is to proactively engage the diverse voices of DJUSD’s communities of interest to achieve a mutual understanding of our common goals for students.

Performance Fact's strategic planning process utilizes a series of DJUSD and Davis community teams to help guide the development of a strategic alignment plan that embraces the community’s diverse voices. Each school system defines its relevant members, mindful of the paramount importance of broad-based, equitable representation within and across all community groups.

A Core Planning Team (CPT), is comprised of representatives from all relevant community-groups and works closely with the Performance Fact team to ensure that the process and outcomes of the strategic planning process are responsive to local needs and realities. The Core Planning Team serves as an “integrator” of all input from all participants; it provides a “reality check” throughout all phases of the planning exercise.

We invite our community to serve as a member of our Core Planning Team. The team will consist of a cross-section of all communities of interest, including students, parents, community representatives, teachers, administrators and staff. Members of our School Board will be involved as well.

Because it is composed of internal and external members, the Core Planning Team takes the lead in setting the broad direction for the strategic plan, and integrating the feedback and perspectives of other district and community teams that will be involved at various points along the way. We anticipate 30-50 people on the Core Planning Team, but we can accommodate a larger number. A team of experienced facilitators from Performance Fact, Inc. will guide our District throughout the process. As a member of the team, we ask that you commit to attending every team meeting; we need your presence and ideas at every step of the process as we weave together a plan that fits our District’s unique context. Every voice counts!